Digital identity

We have the first omnichannel single-generation digital identity platform, which enables new and innovative services based on the most secure and efficient model. Combining the concept of multi-factor Mobile Biometrics, Geofences, Artificial Intelligence and Micro Targeting, we deliver a unique, fraud-free, and frictionless experience.

With the most advanced technology on the market, our platform eliminates the attack vector with a secure, easy-to-deploy digital identity model that allows personal authentication in less than 10 seconds without altering the flow or experience, and without the need for additional downloads in other applications or complex tasks.

We have built on the concept of Unique Digital Identity, where users don't have to create their identity over and over again, nor do companies have to worry about the technology that makes it possible. You just need to connect with your users and we will do the rest.

Our platform offers:

  • Identity creation for users, customers and employees.
  • Passwordless authentication.
  • Protection in the opening and appropriation of accounts.
  • User validation events.
  • Opening doors with Digital Identity and Biometrics
  • Secure acceptance of both digital and on-site payments.
  • Centralized biometric storage.
  • Control of access to information.
  • Fast online identity.
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