Delivering business value through growth in cyber security capabilities is possible. We help companies across all industry sectors define a path to maturity and adopt tools and services that identify attack vectors on your information.

We have the knowledge and experience to protect your company's and your customers' key information, detect threats in real time, and respond to them in a timely manner.

We have allied manufacturers, which allows us to provide solutions in 3 dimensions: countering attack vectors on your information

Based on User Identity:

  • Governance and management of identities and privileged users.
  • Single access management.
  • End-client access control and MFA.
  • Active Directory management, changes and governance of roles and groups.


  • Server Security Management, desktop.
  • Vulnerability management and patching.
  • Active Directory management, backup and recovery.
  • Threat detection of hybrid work environments.
  • Protection and detection of Web solutions


  • Governance and privacy of information.
  • Database protection and active monitoring.
  • Management of database vulnerabilities.
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