New partnership with the Argentinian Israeli Chamber of Commerce

OCP TECH participated in the reunion between the Israeli embassy in Argentina and the Argentinian Israeli Chamber of Commerce, where more than 300 personalities were brought together to close the year and attend the “Israel Leadership Awards 2021” ceremony - to award those who had gained relevance in the bilateral relations from this year – and the “Israel Trade Awards 2021” ceremony – to award the biggest exporters and importers between both countries.

Regional VP NOLA, Patricio Cassain, Customer Experience Regional Manager, Nadia Simón and Chief Delivery Officer, Mauro Nunes attended the reunion on behalf of OCP TECH as new partners of the Argentinian Israeli Chamber.

This is the first time that OCP TECH has participated in this event. In this respect, Cassain assures that “this partnership is a huge satisfaction for OCP TECH since it provides the possibility for us to show in Israel -one of the leading countries in innovation and technology – the work that the company has been performing all over America.”

The event, hosted by Teté Coustarot, included guests like the president and the executive director of the Chamber, Mario Montoto and Yanina Kogan; Israel’s ambassador to Argentina, Galit Ronen, and the interior minister, Wado de Pedro, among other personalities from Argentinian politics and culture.

The winners of the “Israel Leadership Awards 2021” were:

  • Andrés Kogan and Mariano Rozemberg (Intensive Joy)
  • SAME (Critical Care System)
  • ArgPex (a company emerged from the strategic alliance between Argenteo Mining and Golan Plastic Products)
  • The jurist, Marta Nercellas, for her incomparable career path and her personal and professional history which has been an inspiration and guide to many women who, nowadays, stand out in the business and law world.

The winner companies of the “Israel Trade Awards 2021” were:

  • Maytronics
  • Luxembourg Ind
  • Ituran
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