CISCO acknowledge OCP TECH with the “Partner of the Year” award in the region

An American company is awarded with the highest award of the region

Cisco, the #1 company in infrastructure and telecommunications across the world, awarded the American IT company Systemnet OCP TECH with the “Partner of the Year” in Multi Country Region (MCR) for its work in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, making it the most important company in the field for this region.

“Cisco provides a platform where OCP TECH’s talent stands out by creating milestones all around Latin America and the United States,” stated Leonardo Scatturice, OCP TECH’s founder and CEO who also stressed, “the most important thing is to continue the work we develop with CISCO to generate impact and transform societies.”

Nadia Simón, company’s customer experience Regional Manager, analyzed that “the synergy between OCP TECH and CISCO was the key for this award, together with the good practices maintained in the reorganization of the business, practice software, and the implementation of new technologies.” Simón reviewed that “Another analyzed value that characterizes the company is being 100% customer centric, where the customer’s experience is the main focus of the proposal.

In this sense, Andrés Quinn, COO at OCP TECH expressed: “We thank CISCO for this acknowledgment and trust in our great team of engineers CCIE. This award is a comfort for the regional development strategy; it allows us to expand our business plan to keep getting new clients and gain customer loyalty with those who already trust in us.”

Following the changes caused by the pandemic, hybrid work, and the cloud, OCP TECH maintained its leadership in technology investment, keeping the proximity and a proactive engagement with its customers.

Alliance with CISCO

This acknowledgement strengthens the relation between both companies which started with OCP TECH’s incorporation in the exclusive goldpartner world of CISCO. The company has a gold certificate in all Latin America and after a rigorous audit process of the vendor, it was recognized, not only in South America, but in North America as well.

CISCO acknowledge OCP TECH with the exclusive goldpartner certificate for its growth, plus a team that has over 60 industry certificates in different specialties, and a business vision with the pillar of providing solutions focused on the outcome of each customer’s business,

With the highest level of certification, OCP TECH is positioned to provide high level solutions throughout America and be part of this exclusive group of partners in the continent, to commercialize Cisco’s products and services across the world.


OCP TECH is an American company that processes more than 150 million dollars, annually, with operations all over the world. With this alliance, OCP TECH reaffirms its strict commitment to keep on investing in every market they operate.

This company stands out for having implemented the most important technological infrastructure and software development in cities, schools, and companies of mass consumption. Among the services they offer, you can find software and emerging technologies’ development such as data analysis, blockchain and mobile apps. They are experts in multihomed integral solutions, based on the software and hardware in hybrid environments and in providing solutions for IT infrastructure.

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