Andrés Quinn gave a motivational speech to young professionals

“Challenge yourselves every day”. With these words, OCP TECH’s COO, Andrés Quinn, empowered a hearing of 35 young professionals who participated in the Innovating for Changeprogram; a lecture where he shared his 5 golden rules and talked about his personal and professional challenges to function in today’s world.

For 5 days there were networking activities, talks with experts and a customized program at the University of Colorado Boulder, where the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the United States was shared.

Quinn seized the moment to encourage the young professionals: “The most important thing is to come up with a long-term plan and stick with it until the end. Make sure, however, to be spontaneous because life is not just a straight line. Have fun, get frustrated and start over. That plan should always be your target.”

In addition, he also shared his five golden rules:

  1. Evaluate oneself to know our own strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Be ambitious but forgiving with our own mistakes.
  3. Have a mentor to support us.
  4. Have a plan and stick with it until the end. This means that one should not take any step that is not linked to our plan. If the plan includes more steps, then one should persist and enjoy the journey.
  5. Take care of our way of living. Balance our daily work, family, and hobbies.
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