OCP TECH took part in AMCHAM’s 23° Corporate Citizenship Award ceremony

Andres Quinn, Mauro Nunes, Ariel Pereyro, Alejandro Sajon, Fernando Dulac Antolin.

OCP TECH took part in the 23° Corporate Citizenship Award Ceremony for the Chamber of Commerce of the United States (AmCham) at the Faena Art Center. At this ceremony, different companies were recognized under three categories: corporate governance, new business paradigm and environment.

The winning companies were selected between more than 145 participating companies, including small businesses, and big companies all around the world, such as Natura, Toyota, Mastellone and Volkswagen, among others.

COO, Andrés Quinn, CDO, Mauro Nunes, Senior Business Developer Manager, Ariel Pereyro and CFO, Fernando Dulac Antolin attended the first on-site event, since the beginning of the pandemic, for the Sponsorship Platinum category.

Quinn highlighted that the participation of OCP TECH on this event is “a great opportunity to reinforce our commitment regarding good business practices and to emphasize on the value of those companies that promote a true social, environmental and economic impact for a better world for future generations.”

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