Multi Cloud: the most expected solution

Nutanix, the American company in software, cloud, and storage services, recently disclosed a fourth annual report about the status of cloud management: Enterprise Cloud Index. This report seeks to understand the status of the company’s cloud implementation on a global level and the latest cloud adoption trends, especially what is known as multi cloud.

This work is based on 1,700 interviews with IT managers all over the world. Each person was asked about where they execute their commercial apps and where they plan to do it in the future, which are the cloud’s challenges, the pandemic’s impact on decision making about IT’s infrastructure in the past, now and in the future and how the strategy, as well as IT’s priorities can change due to that.

  • The most implemented IT environment is multicloud (36%), the result of a combination of multiple public or private clouds.

  • 87% of the interviewees agreed that the key to the success of a multi cloud environment is a simpler management of the mixed-cloud infrastructures, that uses platforms and different configuration approaches.

  • 61% say they are focused on offering more flexible working environments due to the pandemic.

  • 91% of the interviewed companies have translated one or more apps to a new IT environment during the last year: the necessity for more security is the most important reason behind this change (41%)

  • 72% acknowledge that, inside their organization, IT’s function is more strategic now than it was 12 months ago.

The report also reflects the relation that the IT industry keeps with the cloud, a bond that started over a decade ago. Today, there are less doubts about how every specific business requires a particular cloud solution: there is no preconceived model that provides solutions in every case. On the contrary, choosing an adequate cloud is the most important decision; where factors like security, regulatory compliance, accessibility, performance, and cost are involved. These factors, however, may change in time.

To the CRM/CX sector, 38% expressed that the public cloud is the most adequate infrastructure, unlike 35% who chooses the private cloud and 16% that prefers a three-leveled data center.

Nadia Simón, Customer Experience Lead at OCP TECH, evaluated that Nutanix creates a flexible base that allows the execution and management of any app, anywhere, from one unique platform. This provides the freedom to choose the cloud’s resources and, at the same time, keep the interoperability from the beginning.

Simón added: “Working in the cloud offers performance, resiliency and scalability to thrive every work charge. 85% of the companies choose hybrid multi cloud as the ideal operating model.”

The Enterprise Cloud Index also defines the next IT’s priorities of every interviewee. 49%, almost half, expressed that they will prioritize safety improvements, 46% will opt for 5G and 45% will expand the storage capacities.

There is no doubt that the evolution towards an IT multi cloud type infrastructure, that combines private and public clouds, has just begun.

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