Connectivity Solutions

By incorporating wired and non-wired solutions, we provide complete connectivity solutions for public networks of great geographical dimension, for corporates in head offices and remote branch offices.

Our engineering takes into account the current structures implemented and the needs of the customer to achieve the most cost-effective solution.

With the growing need of Wi-Fi networks everywhere, OCP TECH provides the engineering and the experience to expand this type of solutions to any environment and condition, guaranteeing, not only, reception, access, and performance for the users, but also security and easy management.


We enable unified services of collaborative communication. From head offices to the most remote working areas, we enable unified services of collaborative communication. Through this, we make communication between different work teams in varied geographic areas more accessible, leading to a more simplified technology for the user.

We offer a wide range of products and services for medium-sized and large companies and service providers:

  • Solutions that are Full Cloud, Hybrid, or completely equipped at the customer’s address
  • Contact Center solutions; from a few agent locations to major Omnichannel centers access and complex business rules.
  • Multimedia collaboration solutions or just VolP – depending on the client's business need- by integrating different technology suppliers for the same customer into a single solution.
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