Each service has a 360° look. We accompany the customer through the entire process -from consultancy to the solution provided by experts.

We divide this service into different stages, and we may accompany from the beginning of the process, or step into certain instances, depending on the customer's preference.

Software development

As a software factory, we offer two types of services:

  • Customized developments:
  • based on the needs of the customer, we build applications in languages such as Java, PHP, Python or Java Script as well as mobile applications such as Android and iOS.

    When creating development projects, we guide the customers through the adoption of technologies that will ease the sustainability, availability, and administration of their applications. For that reason, we support the process of architecture designs that can adapt to every need of each project.

  • App modernization projects:
  • we aim at the need to migrate existing applications to the cloud, where we support, guide, and execute the ideal strategies to meet the customer's objectives. By doing so, we achieve real solutions for our customers and also tangible and beneficial objectives. This allows us to provide, not only customized developments, but also an incorporation of tools for control, monitoring, security, data mining or any other need.

    Esto nos permite brindar no sólo desarrollos a la medida sino también una integración con herramientas para control, monitoreo, securización, minería de datos o cualquier otra necesidad.

Help Desk

We solve all kinds of problems related to companies’ software or hardware. In addition, we include the repair of computer components and mobile devices.

This is a service that improves the companies’ performance, in order to channel the resources, to gain an added value and leave the complementary services at the hands of specialists, while achieving 100% satisfactory results.

Customers benefit from a very efficient service provided by the most highly trained and experienced professionals, dedicated to offer measurable outcomes that allow the improvement of the company's productivity and the communication between different departments.

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