We provide solutions of fast implementation to make our processes more efficient, profitable, and scalable.

We work on 3 strategic axes to make our processes match the very best:

  1. Technology
    • AI Engineering: solutions focused on the development of tools, systems and processes that will allow the AI application -in real-world contexts- to solve a concrete business problem or for its optimization. Some technologies such as algorithms, programming, and automatic learning are used to start the production of applications with practical usages for business and the industry. It is a strategic differentiator used to create and support valued services, based on AI and boosted by the best DataOps, MLOps and DevOps practices.
    • Decision Intelligence: a combination of global data ecosystem and analytics, allows the creation of a platform that supports, improves and automates decisions.
    • Data Fabric: it is a solution that contemplates an integrated and unified layer of data that impacts on the business’ processes. It provides a format to the design, display and usage of the data through the entire ecosystem of the organization. This prevents the isolation of the data, its poor usage, and the accentuation of the governance strategy as a mission-critical environment. We try to implement a solid solution for data management, the maintenance of integrations and the increasing demand of quality data in real time. It optimizes high-quality data management in order to apply, with a high degree of success, advanced solutions such as predictive analytics or AI.
    • Relieve Processes and Automation Proposal (RPA): process automation is encouraged to reduce manual errors and costs by easily integrating to peak workloads. It is an efficient way to impact, more strategically, on productivity and resources.
    • IoT; sensor monitoring with control panels to analyze relevant metrics for the business: the solution focuses on challenges such as the optimization of resources and the sustainability through a remote sensing platform that connects the physical and digital worlds. The data obtained is easily translated, mostly, to the dynamic of the business, to monitor the devices and analyze the relevant metrics.
    • RFID: Assets Control: Maintenance and monitoring: this solution improves the asset management while avoiding any losses and errors by manual operation. It also improves operating efficiency and optimizes the life cycle of the products.
    • Forecasting Systems with Machine Learning: this is an overall solution for projects regarding intelligent routing as it adds different devices to the needed software platform to manage and report any movement from the assets.
  2. Development
    • Staff Augmentation: outsourcing services provided by a team, highly qualified on technology and software. This service provides scalability and professionalism, and it increases the organization’s productivity in an efficient and rapid way.
    • Mobile and Web turnkey developments:with an approach on Cloud and hybrid platforms to set digital products, we create solutions to development needs applied to businesses.
  3. Market Expansion

    We promote startups and boost them into LATAM’s markets.

    We work with strategic alliances, partnerships, and on cooperation agreements to reach product and service targets on a large scale that could be backed with OCP’s structure and presence all around the region.

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