Infrastructure and Data Center

Our big picture view towards the design and implementation of Data Centers, we offer results that can run the critical applications of our customers.

In cooperation with market leaders from each sector, we cover the large portfolio required to integrate, deploy, and distribute modern data centers, focus on the flexibility and programmability, with the ability to work with DevOps, DevSecOps and BizDevOps methods.

As a result, OCP TECH has the engineering, knowledge, products, and human capital needed to develop a customized Data Center, from the wiring to security tools and administration software.

Within these services, we highlight the following:

  • Survey and situational analysis
  • Knowledgeable engineers in these technologies will be available to work together with the customer to create a progress report and correct any weak points in order to recommend a path for a technological update.

  • Data Center Design
  • We create designs on new environments of DC (greenfield) as well as on the integration and migration of DC on existing environments (brownfield).

    We conduct a joint analysis of the requirements and needs of the business to create a detailed documentation, not only of the high-level design (HLD) but also of the low-level design (LLD). This whole process is based on the creation of an implementation plan (NIP) which covers the installation of electrical wiring and data, electrical safety, the supply of communications equipment, server, and storage -according to the customer´s needs- as well as the migration of the services/customers who handle the DCs by recording the information on a Method of Procedure (MOP) document.

  • IT Infrastructure support for Data Center
  • We provide support for IT technologies within the DC, not only, reactively, through a ticketing tool and different service channels, but also as a preventive maintenance service with regular infrastructure reviews.

  • Networking with public cloud
  • We help our customers integrate solutions to create a scalable and feasible environment.

    The extension of the public cloud, the coherence of the policies displayed in different environments, and the operation of it all, as a whole, can be an enormous challenge.

  • Automation
  • Following the requirements of agile development methodologies, integration and deployment, or continuous delivery, we created automation processes of DC infrastructure to integrate them into the pipeline of work that your organization uses to optimize and speed up the application or function deployment and minimize human errors.

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