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Latin American at heart with footprint all around the world, we are a team of talented professionals and engineers passionate about IT.
We believe that every need requires its own customized solution, and we make sure to provide a unique offer to each of our customers.
With this approach, we built an interdisciplinary team, able to provide comprehensive and innovative solutions with a social impact.

15 Years

Together with our partners and alliances we created nimble concepts and practical solutions.

Our promise

We make things happen.

Backed by our delivery and CX team, we created high performance teams to, not only bring to life the solutions that we envision, but to make sure these are implemented, functional and efficient in time.

Customer experience.

We have a large team of certified Customer Success Managers, and more that 80 collaborators who work in an integrated manner to ensure the best experience.

Throughout the entire life cycle of the project, we work together with our customers through innovative technology based on the best methods and a 360° look towards the operation.

Based on a Customer Centric Culture, our customers become the protagonists and are a central part of each proposal.


We provide IT services through the development, integration, and management of different technological solutions in order to create integral offers.

Through the power of innovation, the best alliances and our top-of-the-line engineering team, we provide value where it is most needed.

Our wide array of solutions includes:

Infrastructure and
Data Center

Our big picture view towards the design and implementation of Data Centers, we offer results that can run the critical applications of our customers.

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Connectivity Solutions

By incorporating wired and non-wired solutions, we provide complete connectivity solutions for public networks of great geographical dimension, for corporates in head offices and remote branch offices.

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We enable unified services of collaborative communication.

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Cyber Security

We offer a wide range of services and products to adjust to the needs of every big and medium-sized company.

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Software development

As a software factory, we offer customized developments and modernization projects on apps.

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Help desk

We solve all kinds of problems related to companies’ software or hardware.

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Cloud Solutions

We offer infrastructure solutions for hybrid cloud (On-premises and Cloud) that will allow the customer to run their applications, regardless of the place.

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Our services have a 360 view, from advice to the solution provided by experts.

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We provide fast implementation solutions to make our processes more efficient, profitable, and scalable.

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Were we are

Partners and Alliances

Our partner strategy moves us closer to the best technology suppliers in the global market. It also allows us to offer customized solutions for each of our customers.

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